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If you’ve ever wondered who in their right minds would buy junk cars or trucks, then you’re in the right place. Kelly Car Buyer has been paying cold hard cash for unwanted vehicles for over 10 decades. “But why?” you ask. The reason is, we have been in the salvage industry long enough to have discovered that there is still a lot of value left in many cars that have outlived their owner"s usefulness. Some people look for older, more valuable model cars to restore and resell at a profit. Some folks are only interested in the resale value of the individual parts when looking at junk cars, while others simply look for good deals they can quickly flip. What this means to the average consumer is that even if his or her old vehicle has seen better days, it is still worth something to someone, even if it is only the scrap price for the raw material. We’ve been in business long enough to know exactly how to get you the most money for your current vehicle regardless of age, or condition. In many cases, we are able to make an offer and pick up your junk car on the same day.

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